Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Begninnings

We have started school for 2010.... Chae at Duke Divinity and I'm at Methodist in the PA (Physician Assistant) program. It's been very busy so far, but we are both enjoying what we are doing and we're glad that we are going through school together :) Chae is the new youth pastor at Cokesbury UMC in Stedman, NC so that is of course our new church and we are enjoying all of the new people we are meeting! The Nelson's (my pastor and his wife from Robbins, NC where I grew up) are serving at this church and they have really taken us under their wing and have provided us with great advice and many wonderful meals! **Don't worry Pleasant Union, we haven't forgotten all of the wonderful meals you shared with Chae and me :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Seeing Brittany,

It was so nice to see Brittany Brown 2 weeks before her due date! As you can see she looks beautiful and healthy! We can't wait until her little girl gets here :)
Chae and I will be renting a cute house in Benson from my aunt and uncle while he is finishing up at Duke and I start PA school at Methodist. We had to find somewhere in the middle and we got very lucky to be able to rent this place. A couple of small renovations turned into a lot of renovations but we are really liking how it is looking so far. Chae's daddy Gary has helped us so much and we really appreciate it :)

This is our blue kitchen which used to look a lot more like Carolina blue when we first painted it... Chae and I both thought that should be toned down a lot... esp. since the house is on Tar Heel Rd!!! :(

Here is what we are going to set up as the guest room... Since you are the only one who reads this Natalie.. this is your room lol! :)

This room is where we plan to put our desks for school... I'm sure many hours will be spent in here over the next 2 years.

This is the walk-in closet.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lake and Sunday ice cream

Chae and Durham are very sleepy after lots of very busy days.....

After church on Sunday afternoon Chae and I visited Homeland Creamery in Julian, NC (near the church we are at for the summer) and had some delicious peanut butter flavored ice cream and bought some butter pecan for his parents and us to try later :) It also was delicious!!

We spent a few days at the lake and let Durham get used to the water! He obviously could swim but his back end kept sinking while his front paws did all the work. My sister's birthday was on Friday so we celebrated while we were up there with a cookout :) and cake (and ice cream).

Monday, May 24, 2010

New church, wonderful people, amazing food!

Yesterday was our first day at Pleasant Union United Methodist Church (mouth full). We stared our day (once we got to church) at 9:30 am with a brunch in honor of those who were graduating from highschool and college. We went to Sunday School, Church service and then to the home of Mr. and Mrs Fischer for a great lunch. Luckily the Fischers allowed us to bring Durham (our puppy) since we couldn't leave him in the apartment for so long. Their grandchildren were there so we all played outside for a while before heading back to the church for Bible School training and then Youth Group meeting. Our day ended (left the church) at 7:00 pm so it was a very long but enjoyable day! Chae will be working around 40 hrs a week and some of the ladies in the church have offered to cook for him when he is there. I told one lady not to cook too good or he wouldn't want to come home and eat my food haha. I'm sure he will be spoiled this summer and I will be spoiled every Sunday. :)

We have found a place that we will most likly rent starting the end of July. It's a cute farm house in Benson complete with a barn, field, and pond. For anyone who knows me they know I love flowers & plants and there are tons of them around the house and there is space for us to have a garden next year!

Durham seems to love it :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

and we got a dog

his name is Durham

working out and heading to a new church

Chae and I have started the p90x program and are trying to follow the eating guide to a certain extent... it's a little difficult when you eat at Olive Garden for lunch and Champs for supper! Hopefully we won't give up on this undertaking any time soon... In case anyone is wondering, the workouts are not easy!

This coming Sunday Chae will be starting his internship at a church in Liberty so we are looking forward to meeting lots of new people. Since I will be going with him, I have resigned as music director at my church and last Sunday was my last Sunday after doing it for over 8 years. I'm excited to be going to the new church but I know I will miss my church and the opportunity to play music on a regular basis :(